/ Dooble Ruban-Roses

Design Atelier Sedap

DOOBLE is a high strength plaster profile for recessing a twin-linear LED lighting, 73mm deep, especially designed for walls and ceilings.
Lighting opening of 100mm.
"Ruban-Roses" design molded finish, design by Atelier Sedap.
Modern Neo Classic collection.

The "Ruban-Roses" decor also exists:
1. as a wall-recessed LED lamp, ref.3299
2. as an indirect-lighting micro-cornice, ref.4627
3. as a wall decoration moulding, ref.94

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DOOBLE Ruban-Roses, ref. 7018 Show Legend

DOOBLE Ruban-Roses, ref. 7018

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DOOBLE Ruban-Roses, ref. 7018

DOOBLE Ruban-Roses, ref. 7018

DOOBLE Ruban-Roses, ref. 7018

DOOBLE Ruban-Roses, ref. 7018

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Natural plaster finish

Light sources

Reference Description Length
7018.150 MicroBlade DOOBLE Ruban-Roses profile / 1,50 meter element 1.5 M

Plaster profile for recessing linear LED lighting, 73mm deep, for indirect, recessed lighting.
Recessing depth : 55mm
Recommended equipment : Twin LED strips
Premoulded end caps available

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LED EQUIPMENT (more info)

Reference Description
  Find here the LEDs offer, by Atelier Sedap
  Find here the power supplies, drivers and RGB kits.
5197 Aluminium heatsink section + transparent screen, length 1 meter