/ CIRCLE TECH 30 Modulaire

Design Atelier SEDAP

HD plaster profile, CIRCLE TECH is specially designed for installation in modular ceilings on metal framework, type 60x60cm.
The shallow recessing depth (60mm) allows installation in most suspended structures.
The composition of the plaster reinforced with fiberglass allows the application of any paint finishes, so as to integrate the luminaire into all types of interiors.
In GRG Atelier SEDAP, the central disc is fixed to the plaster body by powerful magnets.
This removable disk allows easy access for maintenance of the LED driver.
Equipped with LED equipment on a rigid circuit (PCB), CIRCLE TECH offers high power by direct lighting of 4 000 lumen emission source, while limiting glare by an opal diffuser (Light Output Ratio: 85%).

CIRCLE TECH 30 modulaire - ref.3314 Show Legend

CIRCLE TECH 30 modulaire - ref.3314

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CIRCLE TECH 30 modulaire - ref.3314

CIRCLE TECH 30 modulaire - ref.3314

CIRCLE TECH mounting process

CIRCLE TECH mounting process

CIRCLE TECH 30 modulaire - ref.3314

CIRCLE TECH 30 modulaire - ref.3314

Schéma CIRCLE TECH 30 modulaire
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Natural plaster finish

Light sources

Reference Equipment Features
  Profile in HD plaster for modular ceilings.
Incluing constant current power supply.
Overall recesssing depth : 60mm
3314.AA.26 With High Power, warm white LEDs and non-dimmable power supply.
P.max 25W / 3000°K / IRC>80 / 4 000 lm / LOR: 0.85


Find the complete CIRCLES collection for download :

Recessed shape to “draw” a powerful LED light in modular ceilings, CIRCLE TECH allows both perfect recessing and homogeneous light distribution.

CIRCLES TECH are available in different diameters, fully recessed or surface-mounted (without recessing):

  CIRCLE TECH - recessed CIRCLE TECH - surface-mounted
Réf. 3308 3309 3310 3311 3312 3319 3320 3321 3322
Diam. in cm 20 30 65 80 100 30 65 80 100