Natural plaster finish

AA devient YO / Natural plaster finish

Acrylic paint finish

BB / Mat white acrylic paint

Matt polyurethane lacqeur (PU)

NM / Matte black

Natural plaster and inclusions

Natural plaster is combined with three new inclusions:

• Marin (mussel shells)
• Émeraude (crushed green glass)
• Corail (crushed Cristobalite)

YE / Gypse Emeraude

YC / Gypse Corail

YM / Gypse Marin


The "Nuances et Matières" selection is available in four colours:

• Gypse
• Grès
• Argile
• Tuf

AO / Argile

TO / Tuf

GO / Grès

Shades and inclusions

The “Nuances et Matières” selection is designed from
a combination of pigments and mineral inclusions.

• Grès Marin
• Argile Emeraude
• Tuf Corail  

GM / Grès Marin

AE / Argile Emeraude

TC / Tuf Corail