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Data Center - Atelier Sedap

Use your account to visit the Atelier Sedap DATA CENTER ( and download product information: mounting instructions, images, dimension drawings, videos, conformity certificates, photometric data...

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Data Center - Atelier Sedap

Videos of installation of recessed lighting solutions

Vidéo de Pose Blade Vidéo de pose MicroBlade Vidéo de pose encastrés plafond

Technical documentation for atelier sedap LED strips

Flex LED BlancRouleau flex led blanc
White LED strip
Description (PDF 4Mo, French language)
Diming element for white linear LED lighting (PDF 35Ko)

RGB LED strip
Description (PDF 4Mo, French language)
RGB driver  (PDF 3Mo, French language)
Wall mounted RGB Remote Control  (PDF 3Mo, French language)
Portable RGB Remote Control  (PDF 3Mo, French language)

Downloadable Photometric Data

atelier sedap offer the possibility to download some photometric data : EULUMDAT photometric data (.ldt) + image of the curve

These information appear once your account is created on :

  • in each data sheet, in the "Available Download" block
  • in the Atelier Sedap DATA CENTER (,available from your computer, tablet or smartphone...

Symbols legend

Class I A light fitting whose safety is guaranteed by an additional protective conductor (earth) connected with the metal frame of the lamp.
Class II Light fittings whose safety is guaranteed by the double reinforced insulation of conductive parts, with no earth.
Class III Light fittings whose safety is guaranteed by the very low safety supply voltage.
IP 20 Protection degree Electric fittings are preset in order to prevent the intrusion and contact with solids and liquids with live parts. Resistance against the penetration of solids and liquids is expressed by the initials IP followed by two digits that stand for the degree of protection: the first referring to solids, the second to liquids.
IK9   Impact protection.
  European conformity
  Luminaire suitable for installation on inflammable surfaces.
Eco label Product with an environmentally-friendly bulb.

  Lighting orientation.
Photometry Photometric curves available
EULUMDAT EULUMDAT files available
  High frequency presence sensor

Presence sensor

atelier sedap now develops a number of lights with an integrated, invisible high-frequency motion sensor .logo detection
Set up with DIP buttons :
- detection area
- hold time
- daylight sensor (as an addition to the motion sensor)

The atelier sedap presence sensor is available as an option with the following references :
- EDGE wall lamps ref. 1933, 1934 & 1935
- EDGE UP&DOWN wall lamps ref. 1988, 1989 & 1990
- Double Eclairage wall lamp ref. 1818
- Plâtre & Verre wall lamp ref. 1809
- Plâtre & Verre ceiling lamp ref. 1743 & 1780

The presence sensor can be added as an option to the atelier sedap lighting systems:
- Blade recessed lighting ref. 740
- indirect lighting profiles ref. 191, 192, 193, 194, 195, 197 & 198.

Download "Presence sensor"