Developped by Tridonic, the ready2mains™technology tells the current how to communicate.

ready2mains™ uses the mains cable to transmit information: easily, reliably and professionally.

Luminaires are controlled and dimmed directly via the mains, with no need for any additional wiring.
Manufacturers can configure their luminaires with ready2mains, saving time and enhancing flexibility.
ready2mains reduces production costs and installation costs and also reduces possible sources of error.


Further info : gateway, controls and technical configuration

The interface between the control unit and the luminaires is the ready2mains gateway which transmits the dimming commands in digital form via the mains cable ensuring reliable and robust data transmission.
There is no need for any additional data cables such as DALI/DSI systems.

Conventional pushbuttons can be used as the control units, and sensors for detecting presence or daylight, for example, can now be easily integrated.
Integration in a DALI network is also possible via the one4all interface at the gateway.
The interface also adds DALI, DSI, switchDIM and corridorFUNCTION functionality.

A single control unit is capable of controlling or dimming all the connected luminaires in a room.
Multiple control units or gateways can be used in parallel, if required.
The total connected load of a gateway in the ceiling installation housing is 400 VA so up to 15 LED luminaires with ready2mains functionality can be connected.
The maximum cable length is 250 m.

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