Plaster, the Magic Material by atelier sedap

Through innovative designs for over 20 years, atelier sedap has revealed unknown qualities of plaster.
Pure lines, clear edges, strict designs allow to create original identity, both decorative and architectural.

Currently, the environment is central to our concerns, and is an opportunity for us to emphasize the hidden qualities of a timeless material.
• Plaster is 100% mineral, produced at quarries operated with respect for the planet’s reserves and with a several hundred year prospect of operation.
• Plaster requires low temperature cooking (from 150°C to 350°C) for its process based on gypsum and as a result generates a small amount of CO2.
• Plaster is a naturally incombustible material (MO) and beyond its fire resistance properties used in the building industry, lets out no harmful

atelier sedap, through its experience and progress in the area of moulding, offers really cost effective solutions associated with impeccable design.