Photometric Data for ATELIER SEDAP lights

You can now download the photometric files (.ldt) for the Atelier Sedap to make your simulations and lighting design.

These information appear once your account is created on :

  • in each product sheet, in the "Available Download" block
  • in the Atelier Sedap DATA CENTER (,available from your computer, tablet or smartphone...

Some photometric data are missing, please contact us:

Once downloaded the photometric files (.zip) and unpacked (ldt), you can integrate them into professional software, such DIALUX and get your own lighting simulations.

Photométrie by Atelier Sedap Simulation photométrique by Atelier Sedap Etude de salle de bains by Atelier Sedap Etude de bureau by Atelier Sedap
Data for ref.3140 Bedroom Bathroom Offices

Certains luminaires Atelier Sedap peuvent ainsi se révéler redoutables en termes de rendement lumineux (LOR Light Output Ratio); un critère très utile pour se conforme aux normes actuelles du bâtiment.
Some Atelier Sedap fixtures can be daunting in terms of light output (LOR Light Output Ratio); a very useful criterion to comply with current building standards.

You can now combine sophisticated design and lighting efficiency, for example:

  • TROCADERO wall lamp, ref.3140, design by Fabrice Berrux and equipped with LED lighting, offers a powerful light : 2 times 1300 lumens direct-indirect with 73% LOR,
  • SAQQARA wall lamp, ref.3055, with an electronic multiwatt compactfluorescent gear (26-32 o 42W) 3200 lumens with 67% LOR...